Issue 56/57 Dec-Feb 1989

  • Showing The Wires: Julian Maynard Smith interviewed by ()
  • The Time Has Come The Walrus Said: Simon Penny on Art in the age of the thinking machine by ()
  • Breaking The Frame: Nick Kaye on the use of extremes in performance art by ()
  • Epilepsy: Performance, Spectatorship and Abjection by ()
  • Talking With a Head: Tina Weymouth has a chat with Peter Culshaw by ()
  • A Question of Difference: Mark Gaynor pursues the much loved debate between theatre and fine art by ()
  • Mind the Gap: Time Based Media at Humberside College of Higher Education by ()
  • Edge 88: A record of Britain's first experimental art biennale by ()
  • New York Newcastle '88 by ()
  • Steve Shill: A Fine Film of Ashes by ()
  • Manact: Radio Sing Sing by ()
  • Nominatiae Filiae: A Magdalena Project production by ()
  • Butthole Surfers by ()
  • Gloria by ()
  • Tony White by ()
  • Theatre on a String by ()


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