Issue 42 July/Aug 1986

  • Australia Focus: the people the places the performances: The Myths, The Spaces: a quick guided tour by ()
  • Putting on an Act: performing femininity by ()
  • Kill the Word!: Soundworks Festival by ()
  • No One Wants You: veteran performance guerilla, Mike Mullins, interviewed by ()
  • View From the South: interview with an art space director by ()
  • Distanced Pairs: two trans-continental working relationships by ()
  • Menacing Curves: installations at the Sydney Biennale by ()
  • Whiff of the Sacred: post-performance in Tasmania by ()
  • Jill Scott: a science-fiction videomaker by ()
  • Performance What the?: the perspecta perspective by ()
  • Rose English: thee thy thou thine, exclusively by ()
  • Magdalena: a polemic, a festival by ()
  • Pretending to Dance: more performance/dance crossover by ()
  • Cut Ups and Pixillation: video by ()
  • Sex and Death: this time to music by ()
  • A Day in the Life of a Neo-Naturist by ()


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