Issue 30 June/July 1984

  • New York: Spring report from Manhattan by ()
  • Human Bondage and the Human Tornado: Melissa Fenley on her collaboration with Francisca Clemente by ()
  • LSD: The Wooster Group in New York gets to grips with Timothy Leary and ends up with Arthur Miller on acid by ()
  • Images of Deviancy: Graham Roberts on Courtroom performance by ()
  • Trash glamourisation of youth cultue by ()
  • John Stalin on gangster etymology by ()
  • Uber Marionettes: Barry Edwards on the changing face of adult puppetry by ()
  • Local Heroes: Torvill and Dean return to Nottingham by ()
  • Black and Blue by ()
  • Bow Gamelan Ensemble by ()
  • Richard Layzell by ()
  • Midday Sun by ()


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